Our menu


The Breakfast Burrito

Hola! 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, melted cheese, salsa roja and fried beans all wrapped up in a tortilla and smuggled over the border before the wall goes up. After that, we´ll go under... (g, e, so, m, su, c) Que bueno!


With Maple Syrup, Eh? - Pancakes

The best thing to come out of Canada. Ok, maybe it´s a tie with hockey. (g, m, e, so)


Blueberry or Chocolate - Pancakes

Stop drooling and just order them already. You know they´re delish. (g, m, e, so)
Wanna add jam? 15,-. Bacon or ham? 30,- 


The Eastwood - Omelette

(as in Clint. As in Western. Jeez!)
Fried onions, peppers and ham. (g, m, e, so)


Jimmy the Greek - Omelette

Feta, cheese, red onions, spinach, herbs, and tomatoes. (g, m, e, so)


Show me the Cheddah (Cheese) - Omelette

Add ham and/or mushrooms to that cheddah for + 30,- ea. (g, m, e, so)


The Disco Brunch

2 groovy eggs, fries, melted cheese, bacon sausage, your choice of BBQ or hot sauce and a whole lotta boogie. (g, e, so, m, su, c)


The nighthawk Breakfast Brunch

Two eggs how you like ´em, bacon, sausage, refried beans or chili, fries and toast. 
Wanna pancake with that? No problem. We´ll even throw in the syrup. 35,- (g, e, so, su, o)


Cinnamon Toast

Two slices of toast with our home made cinnamon butter. (g, so, m) 


Most important meal of the day. Moreover,we have it all day.


Get it now ´cause it´s going! 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, & 1 sausage.
(The EU got the other one) (m, g, e, so, su)


The Ultimate Breakfast Bun

A egg, a slice of cheddar and a dollop of our homemade chili con carne. A fine way to start your day. (m, g, e, so, su)


Eggs Baldur

Served until 3.p.m. 
Poached eggs on an English muffin with smoked salmon, hollandaise & fries. Get your Norwegian on. (m, g, e, so, f)


Eggs Benny

Served until 3.pm. 
Two poached eggs sittin´on ham,  bacon,  and a toasted English muffin, and then covered in Hollandaise sauce. Fries included. (m, g, em so). 


Eggs Banditos

Served until 3 p.m.
Two poached huevos sitting on a gringo muffin with guacamole & sals roja. Que padre! (m, g, e, so)


Two Eggs Any Style

Your choice how we make ´em, served with bacon or sausage. (g, e, so, su)


Bagel & Cream Cheese

Add smoked salmon (f), spinach, red onion and capers for 119,-. (g, e, so, su)


A Healthy start

Greek yoghurt topped with muesli, nuts, acacia honey and seasonal fruits. (n, m, g)



The Bubba

Shrimps in a Creole sauce on a cripsy tortilla raft surrounded by greens and topped with a grilled skewer of prawns. Benjamin Beauford Blue would´ve been proud. (m,c , g, e, so, f, su)


The Cobb

Grilled chicken breast, a hardboiled egg, chives, watercress, blue cheese, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, crispy bacon, avocado, and Cobb vinaigrette. This ain´t like no leftovers I´ve ever had. (g, e, so, m, su)


Salads from 11am weekdays

The Caesar

Take a knee to romaine lettuce, parmesan, and croutons tossed in our homemade dressing. All hail Caesar! 
You can call him Chicken of you want, but it´ll cost you. 35,-
(g, e, so, m, f)



The Quesadilla

Okey, chillax, it´s kinda a sandwich - just with two torillas instead of bread. But what is between those two tortillas you ask? Well, our delicious pulled beef, topped with our sour cream and chunky salsa. So stop rolling your eyes and just order it already. (m, g, so)


The Pulled Pork

It rocks! Smoked & braised with a mustard hot sauce, coleslaw and leafy greens. You cannot go wrong with this baby. (g, so, c, f, mu, su)


The Løkka Cheesesteak

Thinly sliced beef pan-fried with red onions, red & green peppers, topped with melted cheddar cheese. Our vision of the Philadelphia experiment. (g, e, so, m)


from 11am weekdays. Served on our delicious fresh bread, with fries or salad.

The Grilled Veg

A grilled veggie sandwich with mixed greens, feta, guacamole and ranch dressing. Not enviromentally-friendly enough? Swap the ranch for salsa rioja and go all vegan. It´s like going postal but you use carrots iunstead of bullets and hug everything. Exept oil execs. They get booed. (m, g, e, so)


The Turduken Club

A chicken, a duck, and turkey walk into a diner. Turkey calls the duck chicken, chicken tells the turkey to duck, duck calls the chicken a turkey, fight insues, cook gets annoyed and makes them into a delicious triple-decker sandwich with orange & chili dressing. The end. (g, e, so, su, m)



Beer-Battered onion rings

Now we´re talking. (g, su)


Nachos del Toro

An introduction to Mexican cuisine. Some tortilla chips, smothered in cheesy spicy beef. You´ll be channelling Cheech in no time. (m, mu)


Chili-Cheese-Pulled-Pork Fries

'Nuff said. And don´t worry, your server is CPR-trained. (m, mu, c, f, su)


from 11 am weekdays


A Canadian classic from Quebec. Fries, smothered in a red-pepper & onion gravy and cheese. It is, how do you say, magnifique. (m, g, su, f)


Buffalo Wings

Detroit has the Red Wings, Buffalo has hot wings. As in spicy, not sexy. Jeez, get your mind outta the gutter. Served BBQ or hot, with celery sticks and blue-cheese dressing. (so, c, su, m)



Louisiana Chicken

Straight from the Mississippi delta, Cajun Kal´s gon´cook up dare hen ´cause we done run outta crawfish. Blackened juicy chicken breast with sweet potato purée, grilled veggies and Cajun cream sauce. (so, m, mu, su)


Nighthawk BBQ Dinner

Your choice: Tender, fall-off-the-bone rack of ribs served with coleslaw or Slow-braised beef brisket. You could even have half & half if you ask nicely. Served with fries & corn-on-the-cob. Prepare to get sticky. (so, c, f, e, su, g)


Mains from 11 am weekdays.

Chili Con Carne

Watch out, it´s spicy! Served with sour cream & tortilla chips. (so, m)


The cowboy Steaks 90oz. (250g)

Served with corn on the cob, grilled veggies (so) and your choice of potato and sauce. But hurry! We take in a limited amount to ensure the best quality so when we´re out, we´re out. Ask your server. 
Ribeye 269,- 
Ny Strip 279,-
Tenderloin 289,-

How ´bout some surf with that turf? a skewer of marinated prawns (ms) 
For an extra:  50,-
Potatoes: fries (so), Roast amandine (so), or Sweet Potato mash (ms). 
Sauces: BBQ (so, c, f, su), Blue Cheese (m) or Cajun Cream (so, m, mu, su). 



The Beast Of Birkelunden

Not for the weak-willed, this burger will test your resolve. A double jerk-seasoned patty topped with brisket, bacon, Portobello mushroom, cheese and chipotle mayo. Think you can best the Beast? 
Order and find out. We dare you... (g, m, e, c, su, so)


Mary´s Veggie

A Patty of legumes blanketed in ranch dressing that will leave even the most discerning vegetarian swooning. Hendrix wrote his classic hit after we ran out og this burger one time. True story. (g, e, so, m, su)


The Portobello

You like mushrooms? Then this burger´s for you ´cause it comes with a honkin´ big one! We also add caramelized onions & garlic mayo. (g, e, so, m)


The Grilled Chicken

First, we take a chicken breast and we, well, grill it. Bet you didn´t see that coming... With some Cajun seasoning and chipotle mayo. (g, e, mu, m)


The BBQ Badboy

Yeah, that´s right: barbeque. Slow-braised marinated pulled beef slathered with delicious bbq sauce and then drop-kicked on top of a burger patty. If this doesn´t make you drool the you´re dead. Or a vegetarian which is the same thing to a Texan. (g, e, so, m, mu, c, f, su)


The Jerk Burger

Straight from Jamrock come this spicy burgah mahn and ya get som right tasty mango & lime relish wit it too. Irie! (g, so, m, mu)


The Nighthawk Combo

Get ready: our juicy burger smothered in melted cheddar and topped with smoked bacon and chipotle-mayo. You can close your mouth now. (g, e, so, m, mu, su)


The bacon & Bleu

A more sophisticated version of our combo. Still get the bacon but we replace the cheddar with some blue cheese dressing. Delicieux! (m, e, g) 


The Brooklyn

The naked truth. No bells or whistles, just our beautiful burger in all it´s glory. (g, e, sp, m, su, mu)
We can also do it with cheese if you please. 10,- 



Accessorize your burger (or anything else) and make it your own. 

  • Cheddar (m) 30,-
  • Bacon 30,-
  • BBQ - sauce (so, c, f, su) 30,-
  • Aioli 30,-
  • Chipotle-mayo (so, e, mu) 30,-
  • Jerk-seasoning 30,-  
  • Blue cheese (m) 45,-
  • Blue cheese dressing (m): 45,-
  • Gluten-free bread (se) 49,- 
  • Chili con carne (so):  49,- 


  • Mayo 30,-
  • Chipotle Mayo (so, e, mu) 30,-
  • Garlic Mayo (so, e, mu) 30,-
  • Coleslaw (so, e, mu) 30,-
  • Dill Pickles (mu) 30,-
  • Green Side Salad (su, mu) 35,-
  • Ranch Dressing 40,-
  • Nighthawk Fries 35,-
  • Blue Cheese dressing (m) 40,-
  • Roasted Amandine Potates (so) 40,-
  • Chili con Carne (so) 45,-
  • Mac & Cheese (m) 55,-
  • Mixed Veggies (so) 35,-
  • BBQ Sauce 40,-



Banana Split

First we take yer basic banana, slice it in two, put a couple of scoops of ice cream in between and cover the whole thing in whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Strange why this dessert hasn´t caught on...


Ice Cream Sundae By Kulinaris

These guys know how to make ice cream. Three scoops, topped with whipped cream and a very red cherry. 


New York Cheese Cake

Straight from the Big Apple. And like trendy nightclubs in NYC, the flavor changes often. Ask your server what´s in today.


Our desserts are so good, your sweet tooth will stick its fingers in its ears and start singing LALALALA when your conscience begins with the guilt trip. So live a little.


A warm, gooey, chocolatey piece of heaven. Resistance is futile. 


Sweet ´O´ The Week

A honkin´piece og sumthin´ sweet made pretty. Ask your server what we´ve baked up today. 


Pecan Pie

Served up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. 



Bottled Sodas

Coca-Cola/Coke Zero/Fanta/Sprite 43,-
Bonaqua Natural/Lemon 43,- 
Thomas Henry Ginger Ale 43,- 


Juice Junction

Freshly squeezed orange juice, grapefruit, mixed 
Big 46,- 
Small 39,- 

Organic unfiltered Epleblomsten (Apple) 
Big  46,- 
Small 39,- 

Sobogaard Blueberry Juice 43,- 

Homemade Lemonade 43,- 
Homemade Iced Tea 43,- 


Ice Cream Sodas (Floats)

The Original (Coke) 
The Classic (Root Beer) 
The Boston Cooler (Ginger Ale) 
The Cherry Bomb (Cherry Coke) 


Note: All shakes & floats do or can contain nuts as well as milk

Shakes - made with Kulinaris Ice Cream

White Cow (Vanilla) 
Brown Cow (Chocolate)
Nutty Cow (Pistachio)
Cookies & Cream 
Cherry Chocolate 
King Kong (Banana) 


Hot Bottomless Coffe/Hot Tea