Our menu


We have made a legend for our customers that need to be a little more attentive than the rest of us. Below are the 8 allergens found in our dishes, out of the 14 most common, and you will find them throughout our menu. Got a request? Lets is know!

Milk/Melk (m) 
Egg (e)
Fish/Fisk (f)
Mustard/Sennep (mu)
Soya (so) 
Sesame/Sesam (se) 
Mollusks/Skalldyr (ms) 
Peanuts/Peanøtter (p) 
Gluten (hvete) (g) 
Celery/Seleri (c) 
Pecans/Pekannøtter (n) 
Sulphites/Sulfitter (su)
Crusteceans/Bløtdyr (cb) 
Lupin/Lupin (l)